Many senior care communities are modeled after hospitals, with a heavy health care focus and a structured, scheduled day. But what if you or your senior parent is looking for an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing option that allows them to receive personalized healthcare, without giving up their current lifestyle?

Fair Haven is undergoing a renovation and expansion to support a new senior care model that allows residents to receive care while continuing to live their day-to-day lives. The new model, called the “Household Model,” was developed by Action Pact, a culture change company that is changing the way senior care providers approach Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, and Memory Care. The Household Model refocuses the goal of successful aging and recovery in senior care.

The Household Model in Assisted Living Residents live together in a “household,” a residence that can accommodate up to 21 members. Each individual or couple has their own private apartment, including a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchenette, with access to shared public spaces that resemble home, such as a full kitchen and a living room. Each Household follows a philosophy of resident-directed care, which, at its core, honors the preferences of the resident.

In the Household Model, residents can wake up when they want, eat when they want, participate in campus events as they choose, and carry on with their daily lives just as they would in their current house, with the additional benefits of Assisted Living Care.

The new model will be implemented in both Assisted Living and Specialty Care Assisted Living at Fair Haven during expansion and renovation. The expansion will include three new Assisted Living households and the addition of Independent Living apartment homes.

The Household Model in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation The key to the Household Model in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is to keep an ongoing conversation between staff and the resident to determine the daily preferences of each resident, and find ways to honor those preferences. Gone is the facility-like feel often found in more traditional Skilled Nursing centers, and in its place is the feeling of living at home. It takes a person-centered approach, and emphasizes interpersonal relationships and personal decision-making, rather than focusing only on the health care aspect.

Households in Nursing and Rehab allow residents to have privacy in their own apartment when they want, as well as easy access to their favorite activities. Residents are a short distance from playing a game of chess, watching movies with friends, or sharing a meal with others. Staff members also spend time in the household building relationships with residents and helping with normal home activities.

Because the Household Model allows residents the freedom to continue the lifestyle they have lived all their lives, there is an easier transition between levels of care, and no pressure to fit into a structured schedule.

For more information about the Household Model, contact Fair Haven at 205-956-4150.

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