Meet Maria Ephraim. Maria is the Administrator at Fair Haven, in charge of ensuring the highest quality of care and services for short-term stay rehabilitation guests at as well as Fair Haven’s long-term nursing care residents. She shared with us a recent guest experience in one of the rehabilitation households that demonstrates how the Household Model of care is making the rehab experience at Fair Haven truly exceptional.

“Two of our independent living residents were out shopping at a local drug store one day,” Maria recounted. “It was there that they met a young woman who was struggling with caring for her grandfather. She was exhausted.” The two residents learned that the grandfather had recently been hospitalized, and was soon to need the services of a rehab community before he could return home. The residents described how happy they are living at Fair Haven, and told the granddaughter about our new and unique Rehab building that looks like a home, not a hospital.

“The residents suggested that the granddaughter contact Fair Haven,” Maria said, “And they did.” Arrangements were made for the grandfather to come for a short-term stay recovery. Since the granddaughter has been caring for him for many, many years, she knew her grandfather’s likes, wishes, and personal daily routines that make him comfortable, and she was very concerned that others would not be as attentive to his individual needs.

Maria assured her that the Household Model of care is designed to be exactly that – care driven by the wants, needs, wishes, routines and needs of each resident individually. “Everyone in the household, from the UAB physicians, to the nurses, to the household coordinator to the CNAs, to the homemaker – everyone honors the choices and preferences of each guest,” Maria said.

Rehab Community Feels Like Home

It wasn’t until Maria and her team were conducting the exit interview with the rehab guest and the granddaughter that she discovered the deep and profound impact of the Household Model on this family. Maria explains, “During the discharge meeting, she told us how much she appreciated everything we did for her grandfather. She said that we met and exceeded her expectations.” Maria remembers how the granddaughter said, “I knew him and his desires and needs and you listened. This is an exceptional place. This is home where he has gotten therapy and rehab. This is home where he got the foods he desires. It is home.”

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