Many long-term care (nursing home) providers also offer short-term rehabilitation and therapy services on their campus, since inpatient rehab is considered skilled nursing care. However, when someone is admitted to a short-term Rehab Center, they are admitted as a guest of the community and not as a resident of the long-term care community. People admitted to a Rehab Center for recovery after an accident, illness, or an elective surgery are considered to be there on a short-term basis, with the goal of getting them back to their own home as soon as possible.

Today’s most modern short-term Rehab Centers operate in a completely separate building from the rest of a retirement community’s campus, or have their own private entrance and amenities just for short-term guests. Since the expertise of the therapists, doctors and nursing teams are in geriatric care, that is, the care of older adults, there is often a minimum age requirement. Fair Haven in Birmingham, for example, has set a minimum age requirement at 55 for admission to its short-term Rehab Center, but maintains a separate minimum age requirement of 62 for admission as a resident of the retirement community.

It happens now and again that a person who has come to a Rehab Center for short-term care is unable to recover enough of their strength and independence to return home. At this point, their doctor may recommend admission to a long-term care or assisted living facility for their continued health and welfare. The guest of the Rehab Center is free to choose where they would like to go for their continued care. There are distinct advantages, however, to choosing to remain in the care of the community where they enjoyed being a short-term guest — chief among them being continuity of care and seeing familiar faces.

If you have questions about why your doctor may choose to recommend you for recovery in an inpatient rehabilitation community like Fair Haven in Birmingham, Alabama, as opposed to receiving rehab and therapy at home, click here to read our August of 2017 blog titled: Inpatient Therapy vs. Outpatient Therapy – What’s The Difference?

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