Fair Haven’s new stand-alone rehabilitation building

A few months ago, we gave you a look into the Household Model, one of many exciting changes coming to Fair Haven. Now, we’re excited to share an update on the progress that has been made! In addition to moving to the Household Model, Fair Haven has been hard at work constructing several new buildings that will house new assisted living residences, a dedicated short-term stay rehabilitation center, and a new skilled nursing building.

We’ve also been hard at work renovating and redesigning medical and dental offices, a fitness center, a bistro, an ice cream parlor, and many other amenities. The bistro and ice cream parlor are being added to our existing dining room, which will also gain a permanent decorative buffet for both cold and hot items. The renovations in our dining services areas will create a restaurant-style atmosphere.

Front view of the new assisted living building

As part of the new model of care at Fair Haven, assisted living residents will have their own kitchens in the household, giving them the option of home made meals. They can also dine in the main dining room if they choose.

The household model provides skilled nursing residents with more dining options, too. Some food will be prepared in the central kitchen, as it has been done before, and some food will now be prepared in the households, depending on the desires of the residents who live there.

Fair Haven resident Bernard Goldstein Sr. has been documenting the progress of the construction through his hobby: photography.

“It’s important to document the progress of the construction,” Bernard said. “I have pictures of the studs, and the walls going up. We’ve got a good record of the whole process.”

The back of the new assisted living building

As of June 2016, all except one of the nine floor slabs have been poured, and the framing and walls of all the new buildings continue to go up. As of last month, even the roof trusses have begun to be installed.

“With the pictures, you can really see, and really tell how much is getting done,” adds Bernard.

The new buildings incorporate a traditional Birmingham Tudor style for new and existing building façades. Lately, residents with a keen eye for design have noticed the Tudor influence in the roofline on the new assisted living building.

The construction at Fair Haven is currently a bit ahead of schedule for our original January 2017 completion date for new assisted living apartments, so the community may be able to open the buildings sooner than expected. The new skilled nursing and rehab suites are expected be completed in May 2017, and the new independent living apartments will open in the fall of 2017.

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