SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT & CEO, CHRISTOPHER TOMIN:  The Chapel is a very important focal point at Fair Haven and we’re ready to refresh and renew this majestic worship space that still has the original 1960s carpet and seating. A team of residents has been assembled to affirm some decisions and make others about the renovations to the Chapel, and how to complete the funding for the project. Click here to read a letter from the Chapel Team. I encourage you to give serious and thoughtful consideration to participating in this project. They are offering naming or memorial naming opportunities that will be a permanent fixture of the community for what is likely to be the next 50 years! As of today, all of the $1500 stained glass sponsorships have been taken, but we still need your help! Here are some pictures of the Chapel as it looks before any work begins. I hope that these pictures help those of you who have not seen the Chapel in a while, or maybe have never seen it, to not only understand the beauty and value of what we have, but also to be able to envision what is to come!

The wood beams, iconic cross and the light fixtures will remain. The light fixtures are actually irreplaceable, making them of special value. We are looking into replacing the inner workings of the lights to make the light consistent and as bright as possible, and the casings will be thoroughly cleaned.

There is one large window in the back that will be replaced with intricate stained glass art by Birmingham Art Glass. The Chapel Team is offering sponsorship of this window at $5,000. The curtains and shutters will be removed, and these vertical and horizontal windows that line the sides of the Chapel will be replaced with stained glass. The Chapel Team is offered sponsorship of these windows at $1,500 each, and they have all now been spoken for. The new chairs for the chapel will include a hymnal rack up high, as well as chair arms. The chairs will be able to connect to one another. Sponsorship of chairs is being offered at $350 each.

For those who wish to participate in this special project, you can send gifts to The Chapel Team, 1520 Cooper Hill Road, Birmingham, AL  35210, or donate online at our RAZOO donation portal.

Very truly yours,

Christopher W. Tomlin


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