At Fair Haven, you’ll have many options to choose from when it comes to decorating your new apartment home. You’ll be able to bring along your favorite decorations including your window furnishings, furniture, paintings, photos and more to adorn your walls and turn your new place into your new home.

“You’re free to make it your own,” says Shanna Black, Marketing Director at Fair Haven. “It’s your apartment; you can make it what you want it to be.”

Effortless Decorating

The best part about decorating your new apartment home is that the maintenance crew does all the work for you! Whether you want to hang your favorite chandelier in your dining area, or put up your new curtains in the living room, the maintenance crew will handle it. You won’t have to worry about drilling holes, hammering nails, or messing with electrical. With the help of Fair Haven’s friendly staff, residents are free to put their own touch on their apartment homes, so long as they don’t change any structural characteristics or preexisting features.

“The maintenance staff at Fair Haven are always on call and eager to help,” says Shanna. “They’re very attentive and can do just about everything.”

Beautiful Finishes

In the new Independent Living and Assisted Living residences, you’ll have brand-new beautiful finishes and fixtures. Each apartment home has a pre-selected set of finishes and includes brand-new carpet and flooring, corresponding countertops and tiles, and updated light fixtures.

Each room, including the kitchen, living area, bathrooms and bedrooms, will seamlessly coordinate. When you’re ready to move into your newly constructed apartment home, the finishes will already be complete and ready for you (and Fair Haven’s maintenance team!) to add the finishing decor.

“You can really put your own touch on your home,” adds Shanna, “and we’ll do all the work for you.”

For more information on how you can personalize your apartment home at Fair Haven, contact us at 205-956-4150.

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