After an illness or injury that has landed you in the hospital, you just want to go home. But here comes the doctor, and she’s recommending you to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for a short while instead. Why? Can’t you get therapy at home? Well, yes, but straight home may not be the best choice for you, especially if you are age 55 or older.

Here are some of the reasons why your doctor may recommend you for a short-term stay in an inpatient rehabilitation community like Fair Haven in Birmingham, Alabama.  

#1 – You and your family may not be able to care for your needs, yet.  Bathing, getting to the bathroom, getting up the stairs to your bedroom, getting down the stairs to answer the door – these things look like insurmountable tasks at this point. Besides, everyone is exhausted, having been up at the hospital for several days. No one has been at the house making things ready and safe for your return home.

#2 – You have additional medical considerations. You may have other medical conditions (such as diabetes or high blood pressure) that make your recovery safer under 24-hour supervision, but you don’t need to stay at the hospital. A short-term rehab community provides ‘round the clock access to medical care and assistance while you are regaining your strength. 

#3 – Home may not be safe, yet. Part of the rehab community’s job is to prepare you for a safe return home. Fair Haven prioritizes safety awareness, and a rehab guest can even request a home safety evaluation! A staff member will be happy to visit your home and make recommendations. 

#4 – You need more intensive therapy. At home, you will probably get 3 days of therapy visits per week, one hour each visit. By contrast, in an inpatient rehab community like Fair Haven, you will undergo 3 hours of therapy per day for 5 days in the week. And even when not in therapy sessions, you’ll get stronger faster with the additional personnel who are reinforcing your therapeutic program. 

#5 – You need follow-through so you don’t land back in the hospital. Upon discharge from a rehabilitation community, someone should be following up with you at regular intervals for a few weeks to ensure a safe transition to home. Fair Haven has a care transition coordinator who fills this role. And when you’re ready to go home, you pick the therapy company that you would like to continue your at-home therapy regimen, and Fair Haven will make the calls to set it up for you.

Finally, not so much a reason why as a side benefit to inpatient rehab – outpatient rehab co-pays begin on day one, usually.  Inpatient rehab co-pays do not begin until day 21, meaning insurance pays 100% of your 20-day stay in a short-term rehabilitation community.  

Faster recoveries with more successful results is our goal for you at Fair Haven’s innovative rehabilitation community built in the household model. To learn more about Fair Haven’s rehabilitation community, visit or call Shanna at 205-956-4150.

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