Meet Fair Haven resident Rick Nash. Rick was introduced to the Birmingham retirement community by his brother, who already had many ties to the residents and staff of Fair Haven through his church. Though the community welcomes people of all faiths, Fair Haven has deep roots in the Methodist tradition, which was an important aspect for Rick and his brother when searching for a retirement community.

Mr. Nash has created a home in his private suite

Rick has lived at Fair Haven throughout the recent renovations and the change to the Household Model, and already, he’s seeing a benefit.

“I think [the renovation] is very nice. It goes way beyond nursing home living. We have very nice rooms, a very nice building,” he said. “The care has always been good, but now it’s a bit more personal. You have good CNAs, and they’re great here in the house.”

Rick noted that since the new rehabilitation and long-term care households opened, there has been an improved focus on rehabilitation, and that it is making a noticeable difference in his own physical health. He notes, “The rehab team is great. They’re very caring. They’ve learned all about me and my shortcomings, and they try to overcome them. My right arm is limp, but they’re trying to give me exercises to build up my right arm. They’re very knowledgeable.”

Mr. Nash working with one of his therapists

Rick said that he has acclimated to his new and more rigorous therapy schedule since moving to the new household. He meets with a physical therapist each week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“Slowly but surely [I’m noticing a difference],” said Rick. “I’m walking and still working on my balance.”

When he’s not working on his physical fitness, Rick is often found attending social events or relaxing in his home. He attends his household’s Resident Council meetings, where residents and staff have the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics and make suggestions. Currently, the Resident Council is talking with Fair Haven’s administration about a new grocery delivery service, where residents can place personal orders for some of their favorite foods to keep on hand.

“I like having my own food,” says Rick. “I have my favorite cereals and cinnamon bread.”

In addition, Rick has found that the change to the Household Model has increased his opportunities for spending time with others.

“I’m using the common areas a little bit more. I have more socialization now, especially at meal times.” Rick added, “Fair Haven is a premiere residence for people. It’s not your typical residence. Not your typical nursing home. It’s more.”

For more information on how you or a loved one can become a resident at Fair Haven, call our team at 205-956-4150.

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