Proper nutrition is important to everyone’s health, but it is especially important to the health and wellbeing of senior adults. Maggie Joly is a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Birmingham, AL, and works with residents at Fair Haven in Birmingham, Alabama, a continuum of care retirement community. Maggie recommends these three tips for proper nutrition so that senior adults can enjoy a healthier lifestyle in their golden years.

Salmon Dish#1 – Eat a well-balanced diet that includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats. An easy way to eat a balanced plate is to fill HALF your plate with non-starchy vegetables (examples: broccoli, carrots), ¼ of your plate with protein foods (examples: chicken, fish), and the last ¼ of your plate with carbohydrate foods (examples: pasta, rice).

#2 – Stay hydrated by aiming to consume eight 8-oz glasses of water PER DAY. Few senior adults realize that many of the symptoms they might attribute to some other health condition is actually dehydration. Dry mouth, high heart rate, general weakness, and dizziness are some of the symptoms of dehydration. Drinking enough water is a lot less expensive (and less hassle) than a trip to the emergency room!

#3 – If you have a chronic medical condition (such as Type 2 diabetes or Heart Disease) as many senior adults do, speak to a Registered Dietician to see how your lifestyle may be enhanced by meeting your proper nutritional needs. In a long-term care community, a Registered Dietitian is able to personalize the nutritional goals for each resident of the community. To find a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist near you, visit’s directory of nutritionists/dietitians with professionals listed all over the United States!

In addition, check out Food Label Facts from that can help you navigate food labels, as well as these 10 Healthy Eating Tips for People 65+ from the National Institute on Aging.

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