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Your parent has recently been admitted to a rehabilitation center and you’re not sure what to expect. How long will he or she be here? Who can you call when you want more information? What kind of therapy will they need? When can I visit? What non-health care related services will be provided? These questions and many more are jumping into your mind, and you’re not sure who can answer them.

In this blog, we’ll review some of the things you can expect to happen when your parent or loved one is admitted into a rehabilitation center by learning about the rehabilitation processes at Fair Haven.

Day of Arrival

When you arrive at the rehabilitation center at Fair Haven, you can expect to be greeted by a staff member, usually a Certified Nursing Assistant, or a Clinical Nurse Coordinator. They will give you and your loved one a brief orientation and tour of the center, and you can expect to receive an admission packet.

Your loved one will have some time to settle into their short-term stay room. Within the first day, a nurse will talk with you and your parent to assess their current abilities and limitations, and establish expected goals to create a recovery plan.

Your parent will also meet with their Household Coordinator at Fair Haven to discover your parent’s individual interests and hobbies, as well as their social wants and needs.

Therapy and Healthcare Services

After the assessment, and depending on his or her injury or health condition, your parent may receive occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, or any combination of therapies. The duration, frequency, and type of therapy sessions will vary depending on your parent’s individual needs.

Throughout treatment, your parent will have one-on-one evaluations with doctors and nurses in order to track improvement, adjust therapy sessions, and determine if the current plan for recovery is the most effective. At Fair Haven, the doctors in the rehabilitation center are UAB geriatric physicians and the contracted therapy company is AEGIS Therapies.

Hospitality Services

Many rehabilitation centers provide dining and housekeeping services, in addition to health care services. Rehabilitation residents at Fair Haven are encouraged to eat with their fellow guests in the household’s dining room, or at a table in the beautiful sunroom. If a guest has certain dietary requirements, whether for personal preference or medical reasons, dining services can cater to their nutritional needs. There are also regular housekeeping services, such as laundry, linen and cleaning services, as well as an on site beauty shop.

At Fair Haven, there are no restrictions on visiting hours. Family members are welcome to visit their loved ones at all times, and are often encouraged to attend therapy sessions for support. Families are asked not to interrupt normal sleeping patterns of residents, but are allowed to visit at all hours of the day.

Transitioning Home

Throughout rehabilitation, your loved one will work with a transitional nurse who oversees the guest’s transition from rehab to home. The transitional nurse works with the family to determine their rehab and recovery goals, and help them to meet those goals during the rehabilitation process. Most importantly, he or she communicates with the family on a regular basis on how the process is progressing. The transitional nurse is always available to answer any questions the family may have throughout the entire process.

Once a resident is discharged home, it is the transitional nurse’s job to follow up with the family regularly to ask how their loved one is doing at home. If there is a problem, the transitional nurse can help determine if your loved one may need additional assistance, and send a nurse to their home for follow up care, if needed.

For more information about rehabilitation services at Fair Haven or for a tour, call the Admissions Department at 205-956-4150.

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