Thanksgiving is not just a holiday about the story of the first Thanksgiving, or all the decadent foods in which we get to indulge. At the core of Thanksgiving is a spirit of reflection and thanks.
Often, the minutiae of the day-by-day routine we fall into throughout the year can make us forgetful of the things we are truly thankful for: family, friends, and a warm and welcoming community to call home. This Thanksgiving, one Fair Haven resident shares his story and explains why he is thankful to live at Fair Haven.

Reverend Wayne Vickery, a retired Methodist minister, has lived at Fair Haven for over two years with his wife, for whom he is a caregiver. They have always lived together in the Birmingham area, and knowing about all the wonderful services that Fair Haven provides, knew it would be the right place to call home.

A typical day in the Vickery household begins in their personalized, independent living apartment home where they spend the morning getting ready to enjoy their day. One of the activities they most look forward to is socializing with friends over a delicious meal served in the dining room. The Vickerys often venture around campus to visit with other residents and staff. On some days, a home health aide visits with his wife while he runs any errands they may need.

Their afternoons are often spent on the beautiful, sprawling porch where they enjoy the outdoors, or observe some of the recent construction work around campus. With the construction of new buildings and extensive renovations happening over the past few months, they’ve been able to watch all of the significant changes. On Wednesdays and Sundays the Vickerys like to attend chapel service.

From the housekeeping and maintenance workers, to the home health aides and administrative staff, Rev. Vickery feels incredibly grateful for the warmth and goodwill that the Fair Haven staff gives every day to not only he and his wife, but the entire community. Even the little acts of kindness make a huge difference, as Rev. Vickery shares.

“My wife and I always have coffee in the morning, but it would always get cold by the time we got around to drinking it. Knowing this, the staff bought us insulated coffee mugs to keep our coffee warm,” remarks Rev. Vickery. “We were very surprised and extremely thankful for their gift, which was small in size, but not in sentiment.”

Rev. Vickery also praises the work the administrative staff does for Fair Haven. For instance, while serving as president of the resident council, he was impressed by the administrative staff’s ability to genuinely listen and respond to the needs and concerns of residents. This authentic caring and support is at the core of the thriving, rich community at Fair Haven, and remains Rev. Vickery’s primary aspect of praise.

“Everyone cares about how you’re feeling—not only the staff, but the residents as well,” he explains. “It is very much like an extended family.”

The quality of care and the services that Fair Haven offer are the icing on the cake—or, more appropriate to the season: the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie or gravy on the turkey—for Rev. Vickery about the community they’ve found here.

“Fair Haven was our first choice because we know that when the time comes we can trust that the transition beyond independent living with the continuum of care will be easy and full of support,” says Rev. Vickery.

Rev. Vickery looks forward to the future at Fair Haven, and thinks that the new renovations and model of care will be an interesting change. He also looks forward to continuing to enjoy the company of good friends and eating all of their favorite foods: fried chicken, roast beef and blueberry dump cake!

For more information about the services that Fair Haven provides, call us today at 205-956-4150.

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